Terminate Your Contract

We are here to help you eliminate the burden of a timeshare that you no longer wish to own. We have found that most transactions are such that the seller has committed acts that enable you to terminate your contract.

Stop Management Fees

Sometimes you may desire to transfer your timeshare to another owner. However, there are management fee obligations that must be satisfied and you do not wish to spend your hard earned money to transfer the property.

HomeOwners Association

Many HOAs have acted improperly and they charge you for services that are either unnecessary or not properly approved. No bid contracts, insider deals, corruption – we have seen it all and we are here to help you!

Why Choose Timeshare Lawyers?

Timeshare Lawyers is a division of Helping Timeshare Owners, the industry leader in timeshare cancellation, that has helped 1000’s of timeshare owners cancel their contracts.

BBB A+ Rated

Our parent company, Helping Timeshare Owners, is an A+ rated company at the BBB. Their experience in the timeshare industry is unmatched!


We never take a case we don’t believe we can win, and we back it with a written money-back guarantee.

Expert Lawyers

When dealing with the multi-billion dollar timeshare industry that is stacked with high-profile attorneys, you need to have the best legal team available.


Helping Timeshare Owners is timeshare advocacy group that is 100% dedicated to advocating for the rights of timeshare owners!

Dr. Paddy Deighan

Dr. Deighan, our senior legal counsel is a nationally recognized attorney specializing in Real Estate & Tax law. Dr. Deighan has been practicing law since 1986, is a published author and professional speaker on several scientific and legal issues.

Dr. Deighan is also known for expertise in the space industry. He is literally a rocket scientist, working on space programs all over the world

Dr. Deighan is a legal advisor to the Attorney Generals in several states on matters of real estate law. His insight knowledge, experience and contacts enable his clients to be in position to maximize their results.

Dr. Deighan has worked as a legal consultant to three of the largest lenders, giving him the insider insight to the current problems and as such is able to anticipate future trends and issues.

Dr. Deighan was also the Managing Partner of a network of short sale real estate attorneys representing 41 states. Dr. Deighan also personally represents clients in several states,  successfully prosecuting “Quiet Title” actions and has defended foreclosures in 11 states.

Dr. Deighan achieves superior results as a result of his innate ability to analyze a situation, then utilize leverage to achieve desired results for his clients. Each situation is different and Dr. Deighan adopts a strategy to achieve the desired results for his clients.

Patrick J. Thompson is experienced attorney, specializing in real estate, immigration and bankruptcy law. Patrick has a top rating at Lawyers.com and is the founding partner of Thompson Ryan PL, a Florida legal firm.

Mr. Thompson has represented hundreds of cases in bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and contractual negotiations. He has successfully represented clients in adversary actions in bankruptcy, Chapter 11 business reorganizations, Chapter 13 personal reorganizations, and Chapter 7 liquidations both in the context of businesses and individual debtors.

Mr. Thompson has negotiated short sales, successfully pursued debt relief negotiations, and represented clients in all aspects of contractual negotiation. Mr. Thompson has also obtained trademarks for individuals and businesses, represented both tenants and landlords in eviction proceedings, and has obtained permanent residencies through business and family petitions.

Patrick J. Thompson

Patrick J. Thompson graduated from Seton Hall University in 2006, and has been active in all facets of debt relief and negotiation. Upon completion of the Florida bar, Mr. Thompson worked as an associate with the Law offices of Robert Riggio before starting his own practice in Daytona Beach in 2009.

Mr. Thompson is keenly aware of the ways in which legal rights can be asserted so as to pursue the goals that you have and now lends his knowledge and expertise into the timeshare industry.


Practice Areas

We have established a strong reputation as a firm of highly skilled counsel providing experienced and effective legal services to its clients.

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Common areas that we can help timeshare owners with:

  • Behind On Maintenance Fees
  • Stop Special Assessment Fees
  • No Longer Can Afford Due To Change in Income
  • Your Timeshare Is Unable To Be Transferred

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What People Say About Us

As a person determined to obtain a cancellation of my timeshare, I spent a number of years and no small amount of money searching for the right people to help in that objective. I met one expensive dead-end after another until finally I found Help 4 Timeshare Owners who personal assistant, Diana Jones, has been relentless in pursuing my Timeshare Company on my behalf to a successful conclusion. I heartily recommend Diana and Help 4 Timeshare Owner’s to any who are equally determined to escape the negative consequences of Timeshare ownership.

Lee Hall, Kellogg, Iowa

Helping Timeshare Owners Client
Diane Jones has been my case manager almost from the beginning. She was very understanding and able to keep me motivated with the activities she carried out. A year later I have Wyndham off my back and am waiting for one big charge on an account they (Wyndham) incurred with my credit card.

Ann Ryan

Helping Timeshare Owners Client
To Whom it may Concern. We started working with Helping Timeshare Owners in April of 2012. Diana Jones is our case manager, has been there for us step by step, solving our Wyndam timeshare. She has always been available when I had a question, very helpful, kind and professional. I would recommend her to anyone.

Frank & Vonda

Helping Timeshare Owners Client

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